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The John Wayne Film Society’s 44th Members Convention

Saturday 28th April 2018 at The Mansfield Library Theatre

The Mansfield Library Theatre, Four Seasons Shopping Centre, Westgate, Mansfield  NG18 1NH (From 11am until 5pm)
Memorabilia Doors Open at 10.00am.
Theatre Doors open at 10.00am

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The Films To Be Screened Are:-

California Straight Ahead

At 11.00am - CALIFORNIA STRAIGHT AHEAD (1948) (67 Minutes – Black and White) Starring  John Wayne, Louise Latimer, Robert McWade, Theodore von Eltz, Tully Marshall, Emerson Treacy and Harry Allen. Directed by Arthur Lubin.

California Straight Ahead finds John Wayne as the happy go lucky Biff Smith who's initially content to be a school bus driver. He's got a thing for Louise Latimer, but his lack of ambition distresses her mother, Grace Goodall, to no end. He actually gets himself fired from that job; so he helps Latimer's brother, Emerson Treacy, get his cargo to Chicago after villain LeRoy Mason disables Treacy's truck. Wayne and Treacy form a partnership that later includes Harry Allen. Biff goes on to manage a trucking company which has its fleet pitted against a freight train in a race to deliver aviation parts to the Pacific coast.

12.10 Lunch Time and Memorabilia Room Open until 2.00pm Raffle Prize Draw

At 2.15pm HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962) In Full HD (165 Minutes-Colour) Starring Carroll Baker, Lee J. Cobb, Carolyn Jones, Karl Malden, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Robert Preston and Eli Wallach. Directed by John Ford, Henry Hathaway and George Marshall.

Filmed in Panoramic Cinerama, this star-studded, epic Western adventure is a true cinematic classic. Three legendary directors (Henry Hathaway, John Ford, and George Marshall) combine their skills to tell the story of three families and their travels from the Erie Canal to California between 1839 and 1889. Spencer Tracy narrates the film, which cost an estimated 15 million dollars to complete. In the first segment, "The Rivers," pioneer Zebulon Prescott (Karl Malden) sets out to settle in the West with his wife (Agnes Moorehead) and their four children.

How The West Was Won

Along with other settlers and river pirates, they run into mountain man Linus Rawlings (James Stewart), who sells animal hides. The Prescotts try to raft down the Ohio River in a raft, but only daughters Lilith (Debbie Reynolds) and Eve (Carroll Baker) survive. Eve and Linus get married, while Lilith continues on. In the second segment, "The Plains," Lilith ends up singing in a saloon in St. Louis, but she really wants to head west in a wagon train led by Roger Morgan (Robert Preston). Along the way, she's accompanied by the roguish gambler Cleve Van Valen (Gregory Peck), who claims he can protect her. After he saves her life during an Indian attack, they get married and move to San Francisco. In the third segment, "The Civil War," Eve and Linus' son, Zeb (George Peppard), fights for the Union. After he's forced to kill his Confederate friend, he returns home and gives the family farm to his brother. In the fourth segment, "The Railroads," Zeb fights with his railroad boss (Richard Widmark), who wants to cut straight through Indian territory. Zeb's co-worker Jethro (Henry Fonda) refuses to cut through the land, so he quits and moves to the mountains. After the railway camp is destroyed, Zeb heads for the mountains to visit him. In the fifth segment, "The Outlaws," Lilith is an old widow traveling from California to Arizona to stay with her nephew Zeb on his ranch. However, he has to fight a gang of desperadoes first. How the West Was Won garnered three Oscars, for screenplay, film editing, and sound production.

5.00pm Farewells

Ticket Prices: Members 7.00 - Guests 9.00 - Children Under 14 - 5.00  (Includes Admission To Both Films And Memorabilia Rooms)  There will be a wide variety of John Wayne Memorabilia for Sale.(including DVD’s, Posters, Stills, Books, Comics, Magazines, Cells, CDs,  Plates, Calendars etc) Buffet and Refreshments will be available in the Cafeteria, full details will be sent with Tickets. Please use the enclosed Convention Ticket Booking Form to reserve and book your Tickets for the Convention alternatively call our Ticket Booking Line on 01623 553443. Please do not leave your booking too late as we expect quite a demand with the new venue.

Ticket Booking all Major Credit / Debit cards accepted:

Ticket Price - Members - 7.00

Ticket Price - Children under 14 - 5.00

Ticket Price - Guests - 9.00




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192 Seat Mansfield Library Theatre

THE INTERIOR OF THE 192 SEAT MANSFIELD LIBRARY THEATRE – Situated on the 2nd floor of the Library, the theatre is accessed either by stairs or by the lift in the main Library reception.

Library Entrance Mansfield


Four Seasons Shopping Centre
Westgate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. NG18 1NH

Venue Location & Directions:

Directions by Road: By Road:- Mansfield is easily accessible by a good road network & is situated close to Junctions 28 and 29 of the M1.

Directions by Bus: There are several buses that run to Mansfield from the surrounding areas. (Sheffield, Nottingham, Newark, Chesterfield etc) as well as being served by the National Express Bus Service visit for detailed timetables.

Directions by Train: Mansfield has a train station located in the town centre which is served by the Robin Hood Line between Nottingham and Worksop. For the latest times etc check the website:

Local Taxi Numbers: Ace ABC taxis 01623 654321 123 taxis 01623 420321 6 5 2s taxis 01623 622222

Hotels In Mansfield For members who are travelling from outside the area and would like to stay overnight, here are some reputable Hotels/Guest Houses.

The Mansfield Lodge Hotel - 27- 28 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.NG18 2AF -Tel 01623 629352

The Mansfield Manor Hotel, Windmill Lane, Mansfield, Nott’s NG18 2AL Tel 01623 452525

The Midland Hotel Station Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 1LP Tel 01623 624668 (situated near to Train and Bus Station)

The Pine Lodge Hotel 281 Nottingham Road, Mansfield NG18 4SE Tel 01623 622308

Car Parks In Mansfield For members who are travelling her are some local car parks.

Four Seasons Shopping Centre multi-storey car park, Mansfield Postcode for satnav: NG18 1SU Open from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday; 10am to 5pm Sunday
Fees are 1 per hour 30 minutes free parking (you must display a ticket)

Civic Centre long stay car park, Mansfield Postcode for satnav: NG19 7BH Open from 8am to 6pm everyday
Fees are first hour free then 70p per hour Monday to Friday.

Robin Hood Line Station car park, Mansfield Postcode for satnav: NG18 1HA
Open 24 hours a day seven days a week Fees are 70p for hour, 4 day ticket (10 hours), 10 day ticket (24 hours)


Click Here for Directions to The Mansfield Library Theatre (Google Maps)

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require any more information regarding the upcoming John Wayne Convention – Click Here to contact us by e-mail.  We will be happy to help with any payment or general Convention enquiries.  We try our best at all times to respond to Email enquiries within 24 hours.

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